ifada is a fellowship program catered to entrepreneurs that see an opportunity in redesigning finance products to solve the region's access to capital challenge.  We provide expertise, mentors, and advisors to support the design, fundraising, and launch of your innovative financial products and services for Jordan and the MENA region. Learn more here, and we encourage you to apply to our fellowship program, one that can help launch your financial product,  be it built on concessionary, blended, or return-seeking capital.

What is the purpose of this fellowship?

To help aspiring finance entrepreneurs in the design and launch of market-based innovative financial products that help address the finance challenges faced by Jordan and the greater region.

What will I gain from this program?

The list of program outcomes:

• Fundable financial instruments that hold the potential of positively impact economic and/or social growth in MENA and beyond.

• Knowledge on wider offering of types of finance products and investment styles available and the situations in which they are most appropriate. To also speed in the creation of models for financing innovation.

• An understanding and ability to navigate the following concepts:

- fundraising

- team

- structuring a fund/finance product

- understanding financial models/return expectations

- governance and investment decision making

- operating and administrating funds

- reporting and compliance procedures.

• An initial list of potential funding options for the finance product.

• Network of peers and/or mentors to help guide and support the journey.

Is there a fee to join this program?

Fellows are not responsible for the cost of their fellowship journey's. We work on pairing fellows with partner institutions and organizations for sponsorships themselves (e.g. through the nominating party or the applicant's organizations).

When are nomination forms/applications due?

Nominations/applications are currently open. The window for nominations and applications will close after October 9, 2020. Should you need support with the application, please contact us at info@beyondcapital.vc.

Who is an ideal candidate? Who is eligible to apply?

Ideal candidates must:

• Have the intellect, desire, and ability to solve specific access to finance challenge

• Have the necessary experience and/or requisite support to design, curate, and launch a relevant innovation finance product

• Have an understanding of the finance sector in some capacity or form

• Be in a position in their career or organization where they are able to take on a leadership role to advance innovation finance options in Jordan, Saudi Arabic and/or MENA as a whole.

• Have a DNA of empathy, inclusiveness, and integrity

• Be able to clearly benefit from the ifada program

• Be open-minded and able to contribute to dynamic and diverse points of view

• Be prototype minded

What is the expected duration of this program? What is the time commitment?

The program’s tentative start is in November 5, 2020. As the quality of the Fellows is prioritized, the exact schedule of seminars will be structured to accommodate participants. Once the Fellowship class is finalized, we will finalize seminar dates with participants.

Fellows will attend seminars which are spaced out over the course of six months, with total commitment at around 5 days a month.

Where will this program take place?

Main location will be in Amman, Jordan but the fellowship program consists of a mix of online and offline content. All seminars will be available to attend online for those who cannot attend in person; however, as some sessions emphasize in person interaction, it will be highly encouraged to attend those in person to receive the most value from this module. Regardless, and given potential travel and COViD-19 related constraints, we will adapt as best as we can to make the modules online-friendly.

Am I allowed to only attend certain segments?

We ask fellows to attend the seminars in their entirety, start to finish. The seminars are an essential component of the Fellowship and missing any part is unfair to the sponsors and the rest of the fellowship class.

Where can nominees be based?  ​

We have designed this fellowship to impact the financial and entrepreneurial environments in Jordan and tthe greater MENA region. Fellows do not have to be in any particular country their initiatives should be focused on impact within the MENA region.


What will the learning journey look like?

The learning journey map spans six different core studios. Each studio offers a set of modules that provides fellows with learning, concepts, and resources that they can implement into their products over the course of their fellowship. 1. Impact studio: define your theory of change, understand frameworks for measuring impacts, and set standards for reporting.
2. Exploration & Foundation Studio: acquire a conceptual background on financial products through an overview of financial instruments, as well as an understanding of the investor landscape and the process of data collection and investment thesis validation.
3. Design Studio: apply a design thinking approach to product development through a process of designing and synthesizing research, generating ideas, prototyping, and testing your product.
4. Returns & Fund Economics Studio: model the economics of your financing products including returns economics, budgets and forecasts, and fundraising.
5. Corporate Structure & Legal Terms Studio: outline your corporate structure and understand government and jurisdictional regulations.
6. Storytelling Studio: shape and refine your narrative to design a story that can motivate, captivate, and inspire your internal and external stakeholders. The core curriculum is complemented by a series of inspirational speakers and a diverse range of mentors, mock investment committees, and a wide range of other learning tools and resources to help launch fellow’s products.